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A common mistake when using .yml (YAML) is using the tab key, ensure that you use spaces instead.

A recommended editor for Windows is Notepad++.

Global Options

These options affect all versions, even when it isn't being handled by ViaVersion.


Due to changes in Minecraft some conversion errors may happen with unusual block ids / item ids / biome ids, this will hide warnings we print to the console.

Global Packet Limiter Options

When building ViaVersion we came across a lot of issues with exploits where people could send lots of packets and crash a server (Just as a general Minecraft fault). To combat this we included a simple packet limiting system, which should work out of the box.


If you don't want packet limiting, set max-pps to -1 and tracking-period to -1.

Maximum based limiting

A simple way to protect your server is to set the maximum packets per second, this way if a malicious client sends too many attempting to overload your server they are disconnected.


When a player sends more than the limit above what should the kick message be. You can use Minecraft Colour codes here, as well as %pps which will be replaced with their current packets per second.

Monitoring packets over a period of time

Although maximum packets per second is nice, in cases where it's valid to send lots of packets (For example: Having latency after logging in and sending lots to catch up in a second). Monitoring them over a period allows you to punish players who go over a number of packets per second several times over the period.


When the player gets more warnings over the time period than allowed and kicks them, what shall the message be. You can use Minecraft Colour codes here, as well as %pps which will be replaced with their current packets per second.

Bungee/Velocity Options

BungeeCord/Velocity is very different to our other platforms we support as it's a proxy. This means we have to do some fancy stuff to work out what version the internal servers are to connect your users to. On large networks, some of our most basic options may be inefficient for your setup and you may want to revert to doing things using our manual methods.


  1. If the server is in servers config, use the protocol version provided there.
  2. If pinging is enabled, use the last pinged protocol version for the server.
  3. Use the default key under the config.
  4. Fallback to the lowest version the server can handle. (Should never happen)

Multiple Versions Options

These options affect multiple versions.


1.17 clients will be displayed this message upon join.

1.9 & 1.10 clients on 1.8 servers options

This options only apply to you if you use a 1.8 server, these enable consistent visuals / gameplays across future versions where features have changed.